Yes. an outtake and preview of Nick Knight and Ruth Hogben’s forthcoming film ‘Insensate’, showcasing Gareth Pugh’s award-winning A/W 2008 collection.

watch it move here.

Yes. shoes for the Queen of Heaven from Natacha Marro‘s store [this is a bespoke pair, she does custom work]. blame it on Imelda and Susie Bubble (i found these via the Bubble & i generally blame Imelda for everything shoe these days!).

and this erratic little bobble that showed up via my Google Alerts for SwanDiamondRose. the 18K Rose Gold Pink Sapphire, Black Diamond & Multi-Gem Love Swans Ring. note the presence of “swan”, “diamond” & “rose” in the description. note the absence of good taste (which has never stopped me before). but most interestingly, note the SOLD OUT status. ah the sweet & tangled & mysterious world of shopping.

don’t forget to watch the video. Maybe Not.

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Ohhh, Swan Diamond Rose!! When I saw it in your Flickr stream, I thought it was an anatomical heart done in gems. I also thought it was perhaps a Judith Lieber clutch. Imagine that… :)

Mandy    9 November 08    #

I watch the video and will happily take the blame for all shoe related upset.

Imelda Matt    11 November 08    #

Mandy- hehe. me too at first i couldn’t figure out what it was. it’s odd for sure.

Ms Imelda or is it Miss? or Mrs?? anyway… as well you should!

SwanDiamondRose    17 November 08    #


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