i’ve sort of konked out the past few days. i finished my last few orders for the year. and i just kind of napped for 2 days and DVD binged. now i’m going to attend to my Xmas presents, which I guess are a secret for now. anyway. what a year! hard work. lots of little triumphs. hard work. i loved seeing SWAN stuff go out and be enjoyed by new owners. i have learned more what works for SWAN and what doesn’t and now i’m looking forward to holidays with my baby and finding fresh energies to start what i think will be a Sweet Swan Riot 2009. yup. to quote my friend Henry Faber “there was a revolution and it was pleasant”. maybe he was quoting someone else, i dunno. and not that Swan is a revolution but there are some nice things going on in the world, and i want to be or keep being a part of that.

i never really mention my previous career, but i used to be a videographer/director/editor/new media artist. my last project was co-director of a 2 1/2 hour documentary about American foreign policy and the Middle East. when i finished the 2 years [!] of editing on that i wanted to do something positive instead of just pointing out problems with things i didn’t like in the world. i wanted less computer time, but still some technology, i wanted more real people in my life, and i wanted to work with my hands and with beauty again like i did when i was a teenybopper model. thus SWAN was borned. and things are hopefully changing in the world a bit. for sure due to there being more totes in the world! just kidding.

anyway again, this week i was pleasantly surprised to find new pics and SWANclothing travels. from the lovely Jennine [i always say that because i always mean it] and the lovely & bubblicious Susie Bubble. both these women give me truckloads of motivation and inspiration. just watching their lives unfold online is a great story. and to have had their support for SWANny stuff is pretty darn dear to me.

[Susie Bubble & her SWANclothing Ruffle Bustle Bumbag on her birthday in Paris in front of a favourite Jeff Koons piece of mine!] View big here.

[Jennine of The Coveted with her SWANclothing Louche tote, “i LOVE the tote, my whole life is in there”] View big here.

AND! as always, thank you to all my online and real world friends & family, new & old! for your presence & support & general awesomeness! if i haven’t yet blogrolled those who i have said i would, i will, just a little snowed under at the moment :)

P.S. i’m working at the craft store this Saturday, i haven’t been there in a couple months but am helping out for the holidays. if you know what i am talking about you are always welcome to come down and say hi. or howdy.


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Hey baby. :)

Congrats on all your 2008 awesomeness! I am SO looking forward to the holidays together … and to 2009 (and beyond).

Much love from me to you.

Steve (aka 'baby')    17 December 08    #

oh man! i am not kidding when i say my life is in that bag. it’s great, and THANK YOUUU! it’s also nice knowing that it was made by you, and whenever i’m having a bad day, i think of all the nice people around. and you’re one of them.

happy new year, i’ve been follwoing swan for a while, and it’s great to see your line develop.

ps. wow, is there something you’ve never done? how many cool careers do you have?

jennine    18 December 08    #

I’m a film person who never blogs about it either. ;) It’s been fun watching your creative business bloom via this blog! Congrats and happy holidays.

Shay Wilson    19 December 08    #

That ruffle bumbag is so popular—and cute!

The Clothes Horse    20 December 08    #

Really enjoy reading your blog posts, check out my fashion blog at www.t-shirtandtails.blogspot.com,

I’d love it if you could add me to your blog list!


T-Shirt and Tails    31 December 08    #

that first photo is great.

...love Maegan    3 January 09    #

happy new year! and i hope there are more swans :)

pret a porter p    6 January 09    #

wow i have really been offline and continue to be to a certain degree. thanks for dropping by and happy new years to all of you!

Steve aka Baby- xo :)

Jennine- i guess i have had 3?! i started working at 15 and am 39 now so… crammed some good stuff in there :)

Shay- hey that’s cool re your secret film career, i miss video often and still hang onto my camera.

T-shirt! i will check you out :)

thanks …love Maegan, i like it a lot too.

and miss pret a porter! happy new year :) there will be more swans! and i look forward to more fashion meanderings from you. you always look amazing :)

SwanDiamondRose    13 January 09    #


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