I must be the last person on the planet to see this, and this must have been blogged and Nylon-ed, and cool magged to death though I missed that too. I think I just played it 8 times. These girls look so good, with each of the 4 girls having their own 80s style. The cast includes Cherie Currie of The Runaways, and Scott Baio. And is shot in a perfect romantic haze by Adrian Lyne who I love/hate [Flashdance, Fatal Attraction, 9½ weeks, Lolita], the music is by that king of disco Giorgio Moroder. Too beautiful. If I had seen this when I was young I would have definitely related to how they lived- the divorced parents, the pile of sweet girlfriends, the running around in the night in the city. I found this Roger Ebert review of it from back in the day too… “The movie’s a rare attempt to provide a portrait of the way teen-agers really do live today in some suburban cultures.” Though their lives and setting seem very urban I would say. Besides all that, it also makes me remember the appeal of pale pink satin. Pale pink satin! Sigh.

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i just saw this not that long ago too! it was much more grim than i thought it would be, but interesting to see how different LA was back then. Also- the wardrobe….amazing!

amy    5 February 10    #

you’re right, it is grim isn’t it. i guess i really didn’t mention that. but it seems really sweetly hopeful and full of life too i think. i agree, wardrobe=amazing!

SwanDiamondRose    5 February 10    #


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