…and a sexy dude bro with crazy hair.

read the names for his Big Brother Vintage clothing items. they are the best.

I never burned any bridges….I never needed none of them in the first place… for a brown velvet blazer.

How could i be such a fool, i took a wrong turn and now your probably wondering why im here…. for a soft 70s argyle sweater.

Were in the middle of something, something very special….so the very least you should stop and say hello…. for a Levis plaid shirt.

i get so tired of making searchable keywords, tagging things right, bringing all that targeted selling into some beauty and poetry i wanted to share too. and sometimes i ditch it all. but Big Brother is all about that unsearchable whateverness. and it’s perfect. and also coordinates with great big tousled hair, vintage rings and belts.

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I really like this idea – bring the romance back! And that velvet… it’s just right.

Amber    1 October 09    #

the good thing about etsy is it searches all words, not just titles (unlike ebay!) so its all good!

eyeliah    2 October 09    #

Amber- me too! i used to be more whimsical but slowly got a bit more business like. i am pro-nonsense and pro-poetry.

eyeliah- it’s funny i found him by searching “swan”. i was looking for a swan sweater, and he used the phrase “swan song” i think somewhere.

SwanDiamondRose    2 October 09    #


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