Alo! I’ve been a bit quiet out here. I have to blog this before it is too late… a SWANclothing summer lace sock garter giveaway through Westervin. I really like Sarah’s blog and she sweetly inquired a bit about me too…

So why did you choose to name your company SWANclothing?
I think my company may be full of contradictions. The swan reference is one of them. A favorite movie of mine since I was a little girl is Phantom of the Paradise. It’s a really dark, kitsch 70s rock opera by Brian DePalma based on the story of Faust. It’s not soft and romantic or very swan-ish at all. Swan is a character. I really wanted my name to be Swan.

Read more if you like and comment {etc} for your choice of summer lace sock garters. Bye for now!

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WOW. That film looks amazing, just my sort of kitsch.

Amber    14 May 10    #

Whoah, whoah. The whole Swan thing is from Swan in Phantom? My favourite movie when I was thirteen! I went to my school costume day dressed as Winslow with a home-made papier-mache silver bird mask thing and an improvised cape…

Diabolical Masterspy    15 May 10    #

Amber you really have to see it. It turned my tiny 12 year old brain upside down. And Diabolical Masterspy, indeed! No way re the costume. That is amazing. I love that movie!

SwanDiamondRose    20 May 10    #

Ahh, I nearly cried when I realised I missed it! Really need to sort out the following thing. But I shall take your recommendation immediately and watch that film, it looks super fun!

Dina    7 June 10    #

No don’t cry! But do watch the film :)

SwanDiamondRose    9 June 10    #


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