wearable wireframe bird by polyscene.

i found Polly Verity’s work as polyscene through flickr. i love her miniature wire and paper sculptures of mythological creatures. some of which were shown in the London Comme Des Garcons store in 2007, housed in their own glass domes. a perfect home i think. her work is mainly elegant, mathematically curved & folded paper art which she allows to manifest playfully in almost every way imaginable. as much as she is working with paper, it strikes me that she is working with light. and here for your further perusal are some of her dresses & headpieces. lovely.

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Oh wow this is so awesome

Eline    24 November 09    #

i wish i could wear that every day…..

jennine    24 November 09    #

Is that you under there? Grand!

Amber    24 November 09    #

Eline- isn’t it though?

alo jennine- hehe. getting through doorways could be a problem, but life would be very fantastical. did you check her dresses including dresses she made for a wedding. so amazing.

Amber- me? no. it is perhaps the artist Polly? not sure.

SwanDiamondRose    24 November 09    #


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