this is from last night actually, and really more of a looking forward to fall thing. during the day yesterday i got a sunburn, not a very OTK gogo boot friendly day. so… a favourite thrifted 60s vintage dress of mine. and also favourite over the knee 60s black leather gogo boots, which were a thrift-trade of sorts. bigger here.

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woohoo! hot.

Shay Wilson    26 August 09    #

Gorgeous print and loving those boots. I’m so ready for fall too!

Lidia Luna    27 August 09    #

Fantastic boots. Vintage can be so “now.”

WendyB    1 September 09    #

thanks ladies! thanks Shay :) and Lidia, seriously, it’s so hot here again. and WendyB, i can’t agree more :) sort of what my life is about.

SwanDiamondRose    3 September 09    #


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