worked pretty hard to get this pale this winter. [i actually took the main photo of me out, it was bugging me, you can find it in my flickr stream if you want.] this time i’m keeping it. sunscreen for me. besides that it is an absolute pleasure taking a photo in the breezy sunshine.

all thrifted or vintage except my purse i made. i’m excited to have rediscovered this bracelet. i could never figure out how to wear it. it was visually weighted all wrong, but now i love it’s pseudo-engagement ring look, and thin band.

-thrifted cotton eyelet 80s camisole
-thrifted 80s high-waist jeans
-80s Nicole brand flats
-thrifted rhinestone bracelet
-SWANclothing Tiny Rose sweatshirt purse made by me

view large here. click ALL sizes for the superhuge.

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Ooh, I love bizarrely scaled jewelery – the ring is very cool.

Amber    24 April 09    #

thanks Amber :)

SwanDiamondRose    24 April 09    #

Hey there! Thanks for the support! I’ll be adding you to our links too.

Jozee    25 April 09    #


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