thrifted vintage belt, has another double pocket but took if off here.
vintage 80s shoes from etsy.
$2- plaid shirt that i love.
70s thrifted denim dress i’ve had forever.
tights i’ve had forever.
little sleeve holder i keep trying to wear.
drop “pearl” earrings i made.

i always have this peripheral western clothing obsession. not sure why. i’m from the prairies but a city in the prairies. here are a couple of screenshots from The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet episode “Rick’s Riding Lesson“. i love the instructor’s tucked in plaid shirt, boyish/girlish curvy jeans, and little updo. she’s sassy & tricky in this episode too, if you care to watch it.

the rest of the pics are in my flickr stream.

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o man that belt is so righton! what a really great find

sunshine    6 February 10    #

Ooh I love this! I never thought a denim dress could work so well :D. And that pouch is too cute! I had a similar one when I was a kid.

I have a thing for Western style too. Mostly on boys but I love the girly take as well. I want a couple of cowboy boots now!

Eline    6 February 10    #

thanks! i can’t remember if they are army belts. or some sort of construction belt.

thanks so much Eline! ya you really can’t fight with what you like can you. you just sort of have to give in i guess.

SwanDiamondRose    8 February 10    #

that belt is so cool! I have a similar peripheral obsession with early 70’s hippie garb… sometimes not so peripheral! :) Hope you are well.

Shay Wilson    8 February 10    #

very cute, I need to buy some denim items

Nubiasnonsense    9 February 10    #

hi Shay! thanks about my belt :) i’m good, but regret that we never saw a film. hope you are good too!

SwanDiamondRose    19 February 10    #

thanks Nubiasnonsense :)

SwanDiamondRose    19 February 10    #


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