i’ve just updated my links. it is a jumble of places i go online, people who have blogged me, people i have blogged, link exchanges and so on! i think you get the idea. if you would like to do a link exchange just email me.

i am sort of behind but wanted to thank people who have mentioned me and linked to me in their blogs. here are the latest in no special order…

the coveted liquid mass kind regards, georgia ma vie en rose the onakiverse no good for me victoria e seeking clothes to heal a broken heart czina shot journal pink polka dot love sonia luna (into) the fray blogue fonetik the cherry blossom girl

most recently the coveted did a mention of the new SWAN clothing sundresses. the coveted a.k.a. Jennine’s blog is lively! she loves sundresses in neutral colours, i can really appreciate that. she loves swans! and she owns the best purse ever! that i covet! i am currently thinking of bribes…

ma vie en rose also blogged about my sundresses. her blog reminds me of my brain [or what my brain aspires to contain]. a love of vintage, a love of film, an eye for the combination of past & present, and a general love of striking gorgeousness.

Janick has a beautiful blog- blogue fonetik. for, as she puts it “Découvertes créatives et inspirantes!” i was happy that she mentioned my SWAN items in it. Janick has a wonderful eye. her finds are girly, almost silly sometimes, but freshly modern [that last link does say ouch]. check out her nea jewellry in her Etsy shop. there are many lovely pieces of which these simple Dashed earrings are my favourite!

and i wanted to end with… this blog has turned into way too much of a “me me me” machine. i posted these links to get back on track & say thank you a bit. although it is still a thinly veiled exercise in self-love! once i settle into the groove of just making things & have my new SWAN Boutique in place, i will be returning to more variety in blogging on SDR.

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thanks for the nice paragraph love! : )

the coveted    19 April 07    #

thanks for the link exchange :)

hoyan    20 April 07    #

Thank you for adding my blog to your link list! Love your sundresses, they remind me of my childhood: I used to have a turquoise sundress with a lovely flower print, I forgot about it till I saw your lovely designs … so thank you for the memory too!

Sonia Luna    20 April 07    #

hey! thanks for coming on my blog, i’m adding you as well in my links.your universe is lovely.
xxx alix

Alix    20 April 07    #

Thanks so much Tara! I really appreciate the link add. I certainly wasn’t expecting it as I love your work and just wanted to show others your good stuff! Thanks again!

Georgia    20 April 07    #

lovely links, lady!

sarah    21 April 07    #

thank you all again! and for dropping by :)

SwanDiamondRose    7 May 07    #


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