i love clothing and dressing up so much. but i am often in a rush when i go out in the day and i usually wear something similar every day. i don’t know if i would call it a rut, i sort of like it.

right now my general uniform is- my skinny jeans tucked into slouchy black leather pirate boots, a white button down small men’s shirt under a perfectly worn in slouchy 80s grey sweatshirt. and my grey wool toggle peacoat with 3/4 length sleeves [probably was a child’s coat]. i get the shirt to peak out just right at the top of the sweatshirt and at the cuffs. and then the cuffs of the sweatshirt and shirt show just the right amount out of the peacoat. [do i read the Sartorialist too much?]

i collect grey sweatshirts: grey shrunken boys sweatshirts, 80s grey sweatshirts, American Apparel hoody sweatshirts. i’m obsessed with the perfect grey. and the perfect weight and wear and shape.

and i collect men’s white shirts. my favourite is that buttondown. and also my Yves Saint Laurent version.

and i collect jeans.

anyway that’s what i wear almost every day these days. pretty boring!

you know what? i did finally find a red purse! i have been complaining about that for a while! it is a bright red drawstring bucket bag. i think i will incorporate that into my “boring” uniform!

and look at this perfect spot of colour from the Sartorialist again…

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that sounds like a lovely uniform to me. i don’t really have a uniform but i do dress in a formulaic way, if only to help me get moving faster in the mornings. i, too, love grey sweatshirts (and t-shirts) but don’t really have the means to be collecting them. still, they catch my eye (and i have to feel them) every time i see one in a store.

hoyan    31 January 07    #

well thank you and i’m glad you like grey sweatshirts. i haven’t heard other people say that. you can find them really cheap in thrift stores :)

SwanDiamondRose    2 February 07    #

i love looking at people dressed up, but I am lazy and just throw on my grey cheap mondays and a angora slouch sweater, i dont have anything to wear because i sell it all :(

la_meowvintage    1 May 07    #

i hear you! that’s my problem too.

SwanDiamondRose    7 May 07    #


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