a skirt from La Meow of the dreamy and fantastical clothes! frothy. lacy. see-thru. pale-blue. & teeny tiny pleats! i love it so much. and can’t wait to make an outfit with it. maybe something over black opaque tights or black lace tights, black ankle booties [whether the world tires of them or not!] and then some more black too… thank you La Meow!

followed by… The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton. an incredible book. so bright and insightful, so naturally spoken. but i don’t know if i can finish it. it’s too sad. i love this cover. and her dress.

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ohhh pale blue and lace is perfect!! <3

and yes… moving :( horrible, no?

I loveee your thigh high garters btw!! and loved the sock garters on La Meow!! <3


cocorosa    15 December 09    #

alo cocorosa! so nice to see you :) you are for sure a pale blue and lace person :) i’m glad you like they sock garters. thanks!

SwanDiamondRose    15 December 09    #

I looove that blue lace also…“La Meow” is so inspiring. I look at her/her clothes and just whimper with envy.

I have that problem too—trying to decide which photos I want to put on Flickr…I’m a very nostalgic person too, and have always loved looking at my old photos! Sniff, sniff! I don’t know, where does one draw the line? Hmmm.

liz    18 December 09    #

you are so sweet! how funny that you lived right there in dubai while i was roaming around taking photos :P
Anyway, i’ve added you to the blogroll as well! :] your blog and store is awesome!
hello new friend!

yumna    18 December 09    #

hey liz, ya i really can’t figure out sorting out my stuff. my floor is a mess!

hey yumna! yey. thanks so much! but i didn’t live in dubai. maybe that is someone else’s comment? or i dunno?

SwanDiamondRose    18 December 09    #

The powder blue is so lovely! Ugh, moving can be such a pain but at least you can get rid of things that you don’t need!

Wrecked Stellar    19 December 09    #

I agree, the cover of the book is beautiful… and bring everything that is special to you when you move…especially the books

Betsy Berberian    20 December 09    #

I am just starting to read House of Mirth! And I empathize re moving, and I like to purge stuff.

jesse.anne.o    26 December 09    #

Wrecked Stellar- i am really trying to focus on how happy i will be with less stuff!

and Betsy Berberian- i’m trying! the book part is tricky. i down to 4 boxes though. hmmm.

jesse.anne.o- purge IS the word.

SwanDiamondRose    29 December 09    #


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