is this about honesty? nudity? not wearing underwear? or the wicked little joke that is the fashion business.

well, i just decided yesterday that i have FINALLY fallen in love with fashion, not just making bags. when i was a teenybopper model i was so arrogant. i remembering taking part in a nightlong fitting with Gaultier, for the next day’s Gaultier show, thinking how much smarter than him i was. why? hey i was a teenager, that stuff is where you get your fire, without it the next generation wouldn’t have a chance. and my friend Nobuhiko Kitamura, the designer for Hysteric Glamour, when he came up with a new textile design [it was a really fucked-up-in-a-good-way bathroom graffiti print] and i was so limp in my response. and i thought the fashion world was a farce. but… Gaultier is obviously a smartypants and a kind, gentle person and Nobu is brilliant and passionately obsessed with his work. duh! and better yet, in their own way, total outcasts. the fashion world is a sweet sanctuary for outcasts. i mean not all the details of the madness filter down when you have your copy-of-a-copy shoe, bag, outfit. but at the center, most of those clothes, they came from a crazy heart.

so now i’m in love. the more i make these bags, the more i get pulled in. and i don’t mean i want to shop for piles of stuff. i just want to keep doing what i do. i don’t even know why. but i have to make these bags. i have to make bags for you. sock garters too.

that’s not even what this post is about so i’ll make this PART 1.

and now watch this-

“…look like a clown in that stupid jacket.”

“this is a snakeskin jacket, and for me it’s a symbol of my individuality, and my belief in personal freedom.”

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Wild at heart! I’ve so much love for that movie but most of all that particular line. I don’t think Cage could be more awesome EVER.

Eline    26 October 09    #

i love it too. i haven’t seen it forever and really need to. and i agree Cage is awesome in it.

SwanDiamondRose    26 October 09    #

WILD AT HEART (yessssss)

andrea    27 October 09    #


SwanDiamondRose    28 October 09    #


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