my sister Katie thrifting with me in Toronto back in some day.

nice thing about thrifting, it can almost go on forever. almost. and all those girls who recently bought piles of vintage clothes that wouldn’t have if it didn’t get so popular, well, those clothes now show up again in thrift stores. round and round.

i haven’t posted about thrifting for a while, except for my outfits. i still thrift a lot, even when i think i’m not, the piles of clothes grow in and around my closet. and i continue to use recycled materials in SWANclothing. mostly leather reuse at the moment.

The Coveted recently posted What’s your thrifting strategy? and I liked my comments so here they are…

i have an ongoing wish list of what i want to find at thrift stores. sometimes it takes a few years but… eventually it shows up.

i only buy what fits, even if i love it and it is cheap. and definitely going more often will get you what you want, it’s very random of course. very!

i wouldn’t really count stores that have already thrifted for you as a thrift store, but if you really want something and can’t put in the shopping hours, it’s a good option.

and try to go to places that aren’t too overrun by other savvy thrifters, sort of impossible but worth a try.

also, look in neighbourhoods where the type of clothing you want is being thrown away. when i wanted more “boho” type things back in the “boho” day and a lot of Indian clothing fell into that category, i would thrift in a suburb where there was a large Indian community.

and really look carefully for flaws in the store, it’s so easy to miss moth munchings and tiny holes and stains, but later on they will drive you crazy.

and remember to test out certain things well at the store. there are a whole bunch of shoes from the 80s that have the blown foam soles, i don’t know the real name for it, but they often look perfectly preserved but one good bend or a few full-weighted steps and the sole just kind of cracks and starts disintegrating. yuck!

never fully trust the stores categorization of clothing. look in the kids section for things that will fit you, look in small sections even if you are large etc.

and remember that sizing changes pretty much every decade. so just try it on.

i am definitely a bit of a committed thrifter.

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Hey! Ye ol’ Goodwill by the Pound.
I never found anything worthwhile there….I have little patience.

Iron Chic    28 October 09    #

the nicest things i found there, i ended up leaving there. and regretting it forever…

SwanDiamondRose    28 October 09    #


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