i found this beautiful corset at a thrift store…

it’s white cotton and covered in roses AND it fits! bigger here.

and more of my thrifted clothes…

some are SWANclothing too. notes over here if you want more info.

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WOW what amazing finds! I am loving the necktie! How cool.

I am also chuckling over the fact that your sister has that litter box! That litter box is such a hoot! I wanted the purple but went for the more neutral white, just because… still love it, though!

Anabela    9 June 09    #

Great Finds!
I love thrift shopping as well.
It really brings out the joys of a scavenger hunt.
I am adding you to my blog roll as well !

Kimmy    9 June 09    #

oh my goodness… i’ve been obsessing over those corsets for ages… they just don’t have thrift stores here like they do in north america… you are so luckY!

jennine    10 June 09    #

and somehow feeling guilty!

SwanDiamondRose    17 June 09    #


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