My mother has lent this to me- The Yestermorrow Clothes Book: How To Remodel SecondHand clothes by Diana Funaro. Oh how I want to keep it. Great photos and superlovely reworking-of-vintage ideas. Only problem being that the clothes they are suggesting remaking are originally Victorian. I guess that is something else to be woeful about, the days when Victorian clothes were tossed into thrift shops to be made into heartbreakingly romantic 70s threads!

Looky here found it on Amazon… and on a smaller bookstore site.

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{{dies}} This is just the book I NEED! lol. ;) And oh! for the days when one could walk into any old thrift shop and find truly amazing garments (instead of the 1990s synthetic stuff I seem to see mostly… blah! ;)!!!

Casey    24 January 08    #

Jealous!!! I used to check this book out of the library in Calgary. How cool to have it in your family. :)

Mandy    24 January 08    #

casey i agree! and mandy & casey you can still find it! no need to be jealous ;P

SwanDiamondRose    25 January 08    #

Oh dear, what wonderful pictures! Did you get to keep it?

VappuAneri    7 March 08    #

well i guess yes i sort of have. but i will give it back soon[ish!].

SwanDiamondRose    13 March 08    #


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