my SWANclothing Calla totes are going up today…

view large here.

this bag is as simple as i wish my summer was. light as a feather, and soft. they almost look like pillows. that’s because the entire bag is quilted. and then decorated with a quilted calla lily flower whose stem runs under the bag and turns into another calla lily. the handle is cotton rope that i chain stitched not using a crochet hook, just my fingers. the bag is finished with some fat embroidery handstitching. it’s fully lined and has a big inner pocket for your smaller things and comes in grey or white.

personally i am looking for the perfect panama hat to go with mine.

in the SWANclothing store.

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Oh they’re lovely :) I hope this means your hand is healing fast and well!

elle s'ennuie    3 July 09    #

thank you elle s’ennuie! and yes, i am very lucky, i could sew about 11 days after the accident. all i have is a scar now :)

SwanDiamondRose    4 July 09    #

so pretty, i just love the handle… and calla lillies, they grow everywhere in SF… i miss them.

jennine    6 July 09    #

so glad you like them jennine :) it’s funny i saw some more calla lilies growing outside here today. maybe i just wasn’t paying attention before, but they have always been a favourite of mine. so 20s.

SwanDiamondRose    6 July 09    #


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