you know, this floral thing, i’m in pretty deep. my desktop is a mass of floral finds. and i just give in. i’m going to post it all. perhaps for fall the flower obsession will wain. we’ll see!

so… here is an amazing 80s shirt i didn’t manage to get on Etsy. i love it. i had visions of wearing it with leggings and great boots. oh well.

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Ahh shopping regrets, we all have ‘em. At least you have pictures. There’s nothing worse than a fleeting memory of an amazing dress you totally should have bought… sigh!

Amber    30 June 09    #

also the things i sold on ebay. there are a few that i revisit in my flickr stream from time to time. oh boy.

SwanDiamondRose    5 July 09    #


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