I keep loving these bags so they are back in the store. The Moonshine Twins.

The original description…
“A little bit of hillbilly, a little bit of romance. So when I say moonshine, I mean BOTH kinds. The MOONSHINE TWINS tote is simple & useful with just the right amount of decoration to make it special. It’s covered in cutout stars with raw edges that will fray over time to give it more texture. And the twins are hand stenciled in bronze-gold.

One big inner pocket, 2 outer pockets with star drawstrings. And a tie-on brass key clasp, again with its own star. More stars run up both sides. Made in natural raw bull denim cotton. It’s another strong tote. The MOONSHINE TWINS tote is elasticized at the top. Each SWAN tote has of course its very own machine embroidered secret swan.”

And Elle S’Ennuie with hers, disappearing into the forest in Estonia, and her twin too of course…

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That is actually really funny because the ‘twins’ connection didn’t occur to me when I edited that picture! I had taken two pictures and somehow it just felt like they ought to be combined… Subconsciously influenced by the Twins tote, perhaps. :)

elle s'ennuie    6 September 10    #

sounds like something i do. it’s like 3/4 of my brain has it’s own agenda and i only learn about it later. i really like the photo by the way :)

SwanDiamondRose    6 September 10    #


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