remember Fiorucci? the memory of that company came flooding back to me through a conversation with a favourite Flickr friend of mine
Art and Ghosts. another Flickr-er had mentioned how the image she had created looked like the Fiorucci angels. the angels were the Fiorucci logo, and they [following link is NSFW and if you have delicate sensibilities don’t click] wore sunglasses for the eyewear line logo. i remembered my 1st trip to their store in Paris when i went there my 1st time to model, my 1st day in Paris. [a day that ended at Les Bains Douches, ducking out on overly champagned playboys, and being grabbed and kissed in the middle of the street by a man on a scooter, who then drove away?] they were such a sexy, bratty brand, all my friends loved it. i know i bought something that day, and i think it was a skintight bandage dress. sound familiar?

i would love to own Fiorucci, the book by Eve Babitz. here is an interview for YOOX with Elio Fiorucci who created the company.

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…the shower rooms?

pret a porter p    1 May 09    #

Les Bains Douches is a club in Paris. Not sure where the popularity is at these days. I didn’t know until now that Joy Division recorded an album there called “Les Bains Douches”. The building was originally a Turkish Bath house, Proust went there.

SwanDiamondRose    1 May 09    #

ah now the name makes more sense.

pret a porter p    5 May 09    #

i can’t believe i wrote Proust went there but oh well!

SwanDiamondRose    6 May 09    #


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