A take on the SWANclothing Ruffle Bustle Bumbag from The Coveted – The Practical Bustle.

“It’s amazing someone hasn’t thought of this before. As I was scrolling through my reader this morning, I almost spit out my coffee when I saw the SwanDiamondRose Ruffle Bustle. After all, we love ruffle bags, we love ruffles, bustles are gorgeous, but who can really fit them underneath their pencil skirts? This fanny pack/bum bag (don’t say fanny pack in England, you’ll get all kinds of snickering), is a perfect little bag for those of us with sore shoulders or those of us who don’t want to leave our essentials in our coat check.”

Click for full size. [Supposedly I just posted my 1000th image in my blog, scary.]

I like reading all the comments about it of course, on her page. Lots of lovin’, some hesitation, and some orders :) it’s all good to me. I like this one-

“What a great idea! I would love to see bloggers use it in their outfits, to see what works with it.” Posted by lopi | September 8, 2008, 1:25 pm”

I wish I actually could just send piles of them out. Piles of everything actually. I look forward to seeing them incorporated into people’s outfits.

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aww, thanks for mentioning me in your 100th post! congrats!

lady coveted    11 September 08    #


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