Was my Google alerts sleeping? Can I fire it? When I did a little thank you for SWANclothing mentions this week somehow… my Google Alerts didn’t pick up this article from Jennine of The Coveted- Canadian Black Market. Mentioning me and a small slew of persevering, oblivious to obstacles, independent Canadian designers. Including quotes of some of my observations about the Canadian fashion industry. I saw this and blushed. And then of course the lovely Jennine went off and got married! I am very out of the loop…

Congratulations Rocky & Jennine. Hugs & kisses!

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oh my goodness! thank you my dear! :)

(i’m even wearing a canadian dress… hahahaa)

jennine    4 June 09    #

Oh shoot, I shoulda told you when I saw it but I figured you’d be all over that! Great publicity for you! :-)

eyeliah    4 June 09    #

i swear my google alerts are toast! i’m not getting anything on there but will come upon stuff in my regular blog travels.

SwanDiamondRose    17 June 09    #


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