i didn’t think blue would come into the colours i was playing with this summer, but it is. so as a preview to blue…

Porcelain dress & beer cans by Li Xiaofeng.

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hi swand
i love li xiaofeng’s work but i have to admit i’ve never seen that dress before! amazing

just a quick note actually to tell you i’m no longer updating my blog. thanks for having swapped links though! i’ll still be reading ;)


hoyan    29 May 09    #

This dress is incredible.
Just imagining the concept alone would be a feat but to structurally bring it to life. Wow.

Kimmy    29 May 09    #

Porcelain beer cans?? And pre-smashed, too?? WOW, haha!

Katlin    31 May 09    #

hi hoyan. well it was nice while it lasted :) i’ll be seeing you on w_r and i wrote a little goodbye note one your blog.

Kimmy- there were models wearing them in other pics and with matching head dresses. it looked kind of dangerous actually.

Katlin- ya, i love it!

SwanDiamondRose    2 June 09    #

im in awe!!

elenalu    3 June 09    #


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