i love this outfit Anabela of Fieldguided created for Camp Comfort. All clothing info on Camp Comfort blog.

and thanks monsieur Christophe Bergeron for your Du côté de chez Swan write up of my Venice dress or as he put it “mignonne petite robe soleil “ in Voir. Christophe is the bees knees :)

and i love the Denim Denim Denim pile that Tee of Apartment #102 included my Ruffle Bustle Bumbag in. xo Tee.

and remember that Liberty tie i got… well i’m finally fessing up to where i got it. i’ve gotten somewhat secretive about my shopping sources recently. for shame! especially since there is ANOTHER tie in graybird vintage‘s store that i have my eye on. AND these lovely floral coffee cups. amazing.

here is graybird‘s sweet blurb on me and my SWAN stuff.

you know, i’m going to write an entry on my continued use of emoticons and perhaps overuse of xo. i am completely embarrased about my :) use but i don’t think i want to stop! some people understand. anyway. thank you all for bloggings.

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