it sort of breaks my heart that my summer bags are going up so late! but c’est la vie. it’s been a crazy spring-summer is all i can say. some of you have written me and asked when more totes are coming, so here is some info. my Calla Lily bags are going up this week. i like them! also this little SWANclothing shirred skirt in this blue rose pattern and another mystery pattern…

…will go up this week too.

i’ve focused on creating some pieces that are a bit less pricey, when these skirts are posted you’ll see what i mean. and the fabric on these skirts is thrifted and vintage. and there isn’t that much of it. what i’m trying to say is, they’re special.

and I actually have around 3 more bag styles after that and some very pretty tops i’m dying to get out. those will be coming over the next few weeks. now that my hand is working, i am using my fingers a lot and thoroughly enjoying it.

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Oh! This skirt is gorgeous! What a clever way to get the paperbag waist.

Anabela    23 June 09    #

ack! my fav skirts have the similar waist, love them so much- yours is to die for. :-)

eyeliah    23 June 09    #

i love it.. what a pretty color and the rope belt is so cool. love.

jennine    24 June 09    #

hey thank you so much. your comments make me happy!

SwanDiamondRose    24 June 09    #

the skirt is really pretty, well done!

Shay Wilson    24 June 09    #

thanks :)

SwanDiamondRose    26 June 09    #

I have to say that I love your style, simple and smart!

anastasia jamin    27 June 09    #

wow, thanks so much anastasia :)

SwanDiamondRose    5 July 09    #


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