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As I continue to try and get rid of almost everything I own, in order to move… which is challenging! And before I re-open the SWANclothing store on Boxing Day! I just wanted to do a quick round-up of recent SWANclothing mentions around the internet.

SWANclothing Sock Garter hiccups in random order…
[Dramatis Personae: 20 Days of Christmas- Legwear!] [go to bed jessica: Pull your socks up] [HOT PICK The Cool Hunter November 18-20 2009 no permalink] [Outsapop Trashion: Recycled DIY Fashion- DIY Sock Garters] [The Coveted: Now Craving – Sock Garters] [2 bitchez deep: If the shoe fits…] [приїде до мене принц.. І буде він падлєц…] [The door in my wardrobe: The skirt suit] [La Meow: New Sock Garters!] [Doublecloth’s trend guide: Sock Garters] [Broken Thoughts: Wish Want Love Covet…] [Urban Outfitter’s Blog: SWANclothing Sock Garters] [porkchop does rule: intro to SWANclothing sock garters 3…][Idiosyncratic Style: Infatuation List- Five Fall Fashion Favorites] [Trendhunter magazine: Grandpa Legwear] [Trendhunter magazine: 17 Unique Garters From UFC and Star Wars Lingerie to Thigh Corsets] [FFFFOUND!]

Here’s a list I would have loved to be in because it is cool, the site is cool and I love it. I did shamelessly pimp myself out in the comments… 19 Coolest Holiday Gifts for Geeks, Gamers, Tech-Nerds & Cutting-Edge Girlfriends.

Other SWANclothing hiccups in random order…
[We Love Indie: SWANclothing Tiny Rose purse] [FFFFOUND!] [aesthetikitten: I love SWANclothing!!!] [FFFFOUND!] [F*uck Yeah! What’s in your bag?: Handmade Bags made by SWAN Clothing] [FFFFOUND!]

If I missed anyone let me know, and thanks all very much for the sweet mentions!

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so awesome! i’m gonna have to get me a pair!

Katlin    23 December 09    #

woohoo :)

SwanDiamondRose    29 December 09    #


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