i knew it would happen, real pain from sewing too much that i have to take seriously. so i did! and had a seriously incredible lavender epsom salt bath. i had NO idea it would make me feel so amazing. i feel human again. my neck, wrists, fingers, shoulders are better. even my hips from sitting too much and lower spine feel great. yey!

i read up on epsom salts, aka magnesium sulfate and did you know they make sound in the ocean travel more slowly. that’s a beautiful little scientific fact i think. i’d like to be moving slowly in the ocean.

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oh this is a great pass on, when i’m knitting a lot at winter time i feel like my shoulders just go numb they hurt so much…

tara-lynn    27 March 10    #

ya this stuff scares me. i sometimes think i have to have a more athletic crafter approach. it’s such physical work. and i found these in the pharmacy section of my grocery store. a HUGE bag for $6-

SwanDiamondRose    27 March 10    #


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