this is before the handles go on. the pre-braided handles are on the left. the little loop~on cellphone pouch is above. you can just see the 2nd SWAN logo on the bottom of the tote.

it’s funny some people don’t like repetition. i actually love making the same thing over & over. especially if i like handling the fabric. i love lining up the seams, watching the folds in the fabric being created from the elastic, watching how each particullar quilted rose will puff up. because it is different each time.

and off to Portland… finally figured out a nice way to fold the Louches.

see images large HERE & HERE.

and available HERE.

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I love the bag! Very nice! I’m in the progress of making a bag myself. I have to say there’s nothing more satisfying than finishing off a project made with your own two hands.

Charmaine    2 September 08    #


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