A new fall, a new Louche tote. Recycled/thrifted leather and thickly striped black satin. It’s getting haute around here…

The handle is braided recycled leather and attached as always with 2 thick Italian bronze rings. The sides and bottom are also black leather. And the little detachable pocket for your cell has a leather drawstring as well.

See the LEATHER & STRIPED SATIN LOUCHE XL in my SWANclothing store.

More soon, including NON-Louche designs! XO from me.

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…HOT. I love that bag and want to wear it every cold day of my life (I’ll wear the Moonshine Twins on hot days).

Mandy    16 September 09    #

Your killing me! This is an amazing bag. The bottom pose is out of this world Hot!

Lidia Luna    16 September 09    #

alo Mandy :) you like? nice! i am such a junky for your sweaters. maybe we have to trade again!

and Lidia :) hehe. i’m so glad you like it. it’s that stripe thing. we both love the stripe thing! and thank you re my pose. i wasn’t going to post it then i just hit the button.

SwanDiamondRose    16 September 09    #

Quite, quite amazing!
Also, I admire you for being able to walk in those heels! :D

elle s'ennuie    16 September 09    #

This is just so stunning. Amazing work, as usual. Sigh

Anabela    17 September 09    #

thank you elle s’ennuie! and about the heels… i did lean a lot on the walls. i can’t imagine wearing these for very long, ouch.

thank you Anabela :) much thanks and xo.

SwanDiamondRose    18 September 09    #

Beautiful! Saucy pictures, too!

enc    22 September 09    #

much thanks enc :)

SwanDiamondRose    14 October 09    #


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