Remember those endless ropes, then braids, of leather i was working on… Well! This is what it was all about. Two recycled leather coats and many, many, many hours of hand stitching later… the SWANclothing LEATHER RAPUNZEL messenger encircles your body with one lush leather braid. It’s big, simple, and kind of… gorgeous. [I was going to call it the Braid Bag but changed my mind.]

View large versions of these photos, and progress shots, by clicking on the photos here, and then “all sizes”.

Feel free to ask me any questions about this bag, I know it’s a lot pricier than my other items due to the work involved.

See the LEATHER RAPUNZEL messenger in my SWANclothing store.

And P.S. I am closing my store over the holidays because I am moving across the country. You can always contact me if you need anything urgently [like sock garters!], I can accommodate you. I’ll be online and will keep bloggin’ as I move.

Much xo to you all!

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I love that bag!

Tariro    11 December 09    #


sjw    12 December 09    #

thanks Tariro! and lady sj! the bestest and funniest bag compliments ever. thanks and hearts you.

SwanDiamondRose    12 December 09    #

That bag is very cool…love the braided leather idea.

Betsy Berberian    18 December 09    #


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