nothing earth shattering here. just another version of the SWANclothing Louche. but people seem to like it and i’ve wanted to make them in jersey for a bit. jersey is hard to work in! ouch! but it’s a perfect combination of casual & elegant.

so the SWANclothing JERSEY QUILTED LOUCHE XL in BLACK has a quilted swan and a removable chain attaches the cell pouch to the stainless steel rings. the braid and loops are also fully lined or else they would stretch like crazy.

Click for larger size.

you can find it in my SWANclothing Etsy store.

tomorrow i’ll post the grey version which is kind of my favourite!

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This is lovely, love how huge it is! perfect for all the everything that i carry around! xo

Loulou    16 September 08    #


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