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I made these bags twice. At first they were too fussy. What I really wanted was something simple, humble, pretty. The bags work. They hang well, are strong, and feel good, with a bit of body and a bit of slouch. And I love the cotton upholstery florals, I hunted for them for a while… Mint with tiny roses. Big luminous flowers on midnight black, like flowers in moonlight. A muted circle of dusty roses on tan. My favourite lilac floral fabric. And lemon-lemon yellow with big pale pink climbing roses too. That one just glows. The interior is lined in light grey with a single big pocket.

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I was obsessed with the handles being florals that encircled you and not the regular flat handles. So I made these rounded cotton filled handles, very easy on the shoulder. I love the idea of tubes of flowers. I found matching embroidery thread and hand whipstitched them together from end to end, and hand embroidered the swan logo.

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The wood swan charms were made for me by The Wood Garden. They work with “wood from sustainably farmed hardwood trees”. I think the swans are beautiful. They feel great, and the more they are handled the better they will look. They’re tied on with a little fabric loop. Something about threading the flowers through the wood swan, I love that too. I guess I am a little bit in love with these bags.

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So yes, finally a tote from me for summer!

Find them in my SWANclothing store.

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Aw, they are so pretty! I love how they are finished and all the fabrics are amazing. I especially love the second to last fabric, so pretty!

Eline    26 July 10    #

Finally, after all those teasers, we get to see them in full! :D They’re lovely, so perfectly summery!

elle s'ennuie    26 July 10    #

thanks so much Eline! I really love that dark one too. light flowers on black i find so beautiful.

and elle s’ennuie, i know! i was worried that with all the hints i had better make them nice. i was worried of course! but so happy now. thanks!

SwanDiamondRose    26 July 10    #

omg i need a job, pronto. i am dying i love these so much! i want the black one… or the lemon-lemon one! aaaaaah!

camilou    26 July 10    #

such dusty romantic looks, i love it x

charles    27 July 10    #

Lovely bags:))

Eden    1 August 10    #

Wow beautiful flowers! :)

fashion is a playground    6 August 10    #


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