i’ve finally joined almost all the Flickr Etsy groups. just in case you didn’t know SWANclothing sells on Etsy, though my spring items aren’t up yet! it took me a long while and i had turned down all Flickr Etsy group invites previously. and that’s because Flickr had warned me 3 times that i would lose my account if i in any way spoke about selling, or had Ebay or Etsy in my text or tags. though over time they changed things and it seems Etsy is fine in tags now. anyway, at first i was extra cautious and that is why you never saw me in those groups. i just wanted to mention this, i felt sad to not join the Etsy fun on Flickr before. it is still a mystery to me how some sellers can post links to Etsy of their items. some of them are really big sellers, i don’t get it.

also, links on the SwanDiamondRose [including the IFB badge] are temporarily down. big sigh… i moved everything around in my sidebar yesterday and mucked them up. big sigh… i’m now waiting for my webpeoples to fix it. really big sigh! when it IS up again i have a bunch of you i have to add.

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