i’ve been up until 5 a.m. a lot lately. working. it’s pretty rough on my mind & body. but seems to be the only way to get things done right now. deadlines piled up in some sort of forest that i had to chop away at. the oddness of that metaphor i think reflects perfectly my messy state of mind. but i just wanted to say thank you to my patient friends & family. many who have & are visiting this summer, and i’ve had so little time for you. just thank you for your patience and support.

and thank you for the orders i have been getting too. without them, there would be no SWANny nothin’. [and thank you for Honey-Nut Cheerios while i’m at it…]

ok, yesterday i made this swan chariot tote with accompanying chains and star charm and headband for a local Vancouver Urban Outfitter charity auction. it’s based on my SWANclothing STRAIGHT totes. the chariot customizes a Mini Munny by Kid Robot. people do this, it’s a thing they do. see here for proof…

i’m not sure exactly when the auction is taking place but will post when i know.

it was really really fun to make something i wouldn’t normally and having it actually work out is a bonus. even if people think it is odd, i totally love it :) i mean if i was that small i would certainly want to be carried around in a SWAN chariot mini tote. barking irrelevant [or squeeking?] orders at useless giant humans. demanding grapes! glittery things! and the companionship of butterflies! [see, i told you i was tired].

heck watch the video! feel free to hum along…

tote with Mini Munny in the shots are in my Flickr stream here…

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awww.. that’s adorable! i love the totes…. and yeah, i’ve been up late lately too.. it’s not good for me. and what a lovely video… the humming is perfect.

lady coveted    22 July 08    #

thank you Lady ;)

SwanDiamondRose    23 July 08    #


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