so my upcoming totes are a mix of what i am calling Preppy-Hillbilly-Mystique. here are some images & women that inspired me. to the 1st person to name each woman in the photos [and the name of the painting of the woman in the orange dress] i’ll send you one of my Straight totes in the Midi size. just leave the info in the comments :)

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i know two of them so far.

la_meow    10 February 08    #

Well, I only have three so far, but I gotta go.
So maybe no one will get it before I get back!:)

aundrea    10 February 08    #

i’m kind of worried that people won’t get any of them or will get them all right away so… i think this is a good sign!

SwanDiamondRose    10 February 08    #

I know two of them only

kara    10 February 08    #

I’ve got four but I can’t place two of them at all

CJB    11 February 08    #

ok 4 now, i didnt recognize one of the girls at first, she looks really different in this pic.

la_meow    11 February 08    #

4 is close!

SwanDiamondRose    11 February 08    #

gummo gummo gummo

me    14 February 08    #

kindof almost sortof! iam going to do a new contest next week. since i really blew this one! thanks for tuning in though & stay tuned!

SwanDiamondRose    18 February 08    #


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