Remember this? Still in Toronto, the Floral Lasso totes were only a few stitches in. Now back on the west coast, I finally made time to finish them. I love the fabrics so much, it took me a while to source them out. I love the wooden swan charms I had made for them too. More on those later.

The last work in progress shots taken at my second cousin’s place while I waited for my new apartment, mixed in with some really pretty photos of her growing up …

My cousin in amazing mary janes. I’ll post this big on Flickr.

Whipstitching on the handles… like a floral frankenstein. It makes me nuts in a good way doing stuff like this. Just the idea of embroidery thread matching or complimenting a fabric, and making something in such a basic and really functional way. Love it.

My cousin at boarding school.

A lot of whip stitching. Which I enjoy doing. I did some simple embroidery too.

The front door peep hole grill thing.

Edit and here is that sweet but really sad scene with the girl and the flower, from the 1931 Frankenstein film.

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sock garters! i never would have thought of those, but dang all these ladies look so rad in them. also, your cousin was such a babe!

rachel red lips    20 July 10    #

I can’t wait to see. Love your choice of florals, always!!

Anabela    20 July 10    #

hi rachel red lips. nice to see you here. and thanks! on all counts.

hello miss anabela. always happy to see you here. and thanks very much! almost almost there.

SwanDiamondRose    20 July 10    #

Oh, I love that picture of your cousin at boarding school. So pretty!

Camila F.    21 July 10    #


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