today! i sewed. i had a shower! i trotted off to the bank in my happy green coat. and then i shipped some items. and then i walked home.

it was so satisfying. i don’t know why. it was just nice to see the sky and have a meaningless exchange with the bank teller and maybe get a crush on him.

sometimes i know i am so lucky and i live in a tiny piece of paradise. stuff doesn’t get blown up here. although we are expecting a giant earthquake in the next 2 weeks. which brings me to the timeley theme of conscientious living. and how i feel i’m not doing enough to make things better with our environment.

after going through 9-11 in New York, i co-directed a documentary on American foreign policy and the Middle East. i moved back to Canada and continued to work on that. i finally lost some of my greed and need for stuff. i have been lucky to dabble in different demographics through modelling and some other travels my life. lucky that i could actually “dabble”. New York made it all enough for me. my ex had a place in the Hamptons, and we ate our way through New York. it was a dream and it was awful too. i think he would agree.

after the documentary was done. i couldn’t face editing anymore. and so i sell my vintage clothes and make my purses from thrifted fabrics. in my About Me on this site i say “I believe in owning fewer things but things you can keep forever”. i hope people buy clothes from me they really love and want to keep because they still usually have to go on a plane to get to them. and i also hope i can actually make things that people want to keep forever or at least pass on or trade.

so… this brings me to where i live. i live far away from everything! so i will be moving within the year to the east coast so i can be closer to more large cities that can support what i do without hopefully transporting my wares so far. many of my items go to New York anyway, might as well be closer. that’s all. i just want to make this make more sense if i can.

i wanted to end with a YouTube of the scene from the 1975 Rollerball movie where they shoot at trees and set them on fire. it’s really beautiful. but all i can find is a link to the party scene in Italian. it’s beautiful too. so here it is.

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its a good idea to move back east,new york looks like a epic city…..

veritas    10 February 07    #

i love new york… big sigh!

SwanDiamondRose    6 March 07    #


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