i shop everday. i shop every single day! and yes i stay true to my recycling values, since i am buying vintage. but i still just love to shop. a big part is the shoptalk with owners, sales people and shoppers.

here is a sample of todays conversations…

shop owner- “i’m in my 40s now and i can’t wear all that stuff anymore. buttons and pompoms. sometimes when i see photos of myself out at night… i wish someone had just said something! young people come in here and they look great in all that.”

me in change room- “i think that anyone can wear anything, no matter what their age, but then i put something on and i’m just like… ahhhhh… no.”

shop owner- “look who’s coming in. Suzanne Sommers.”

me, no longer in change room- “who? the real Suzanne Sommers?”

shop owner- “no we just call her that. whenever i start talking about this stuff someone comes in to prove me wrong.”

an extremely tall slim woman with a walker, in a skintight black maxi skirt, a black fur jacket, and what looks like 5 wigs, hairpieces and chunks of fur on her head. a very senior glamazon.

shop owner- “we were just talking about you. what do you think of growing older and wearing what you like?”

SS- “i think you wear whatever you like as you get older.”

shop owner- “well there you have it.”

S.S. then went on about how she didn’t like to wear denim. and something about working on a rig? did she an mean oil rig? whatever she meant, these are the interactions that i love.

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