Sheila E.

it started with trying to find a Vanity pic of her in a black lace catsuit. which led to Sheila E. and there was some Apollonia in the mix but maybe i’ll post those next time…

if you can get your head around it, what i am working on for SWANclothing spring items are mostly pastels, tiny and large florals, grey gradients, and hints of black, white & neon pink. mainly sweet, with slices of sexy.

i have slightly more clever descriptions, but once again, i’ll save those for later. heck, maybe even next week :)

a pile of SWANclothing 2009 fabrics, soon to be cute dresses & tops…

[Please note, I changed this image to a newer version since i hated the old one!]

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hah, i had sheets like the last fabric as a kid…

tricia of    26 February 09    #

hehe. too good :)

SwanDiamondRose    26 February 09    #

I’d be happy in either of Shelia’s outfits but of course I’m drawn to the leopard dental floss.

Imelda Matt    27 February 09    #

but of course!

SwanDiamondRose    6 March 09    #


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