I have resisted buying an iPhone. But broke my cell phone on my recent trip here. Now I can’t close it?! Hard to deny the fact, that an iPhone would allow me to reload sales if I am out and about. Damn. The analog me, keeps getting fainter.

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Also you can read books on an iPhone! If I had the money and if Belgium wasn’t so slow on catching up with technology that would seal the deal for me :D

Eline    21 February 10    #

i am having the same dilemma. a friend told me last night that she had a phone just like mine and when it died sprint gave her a spiffy touch screen smart phone for $1. who knows if that’s still the case, but i think i am going tomorrow to trade up finally. i’m not into consuming apple products myself, but the benefits of cell phone internet access cannot be denied.

sunshine    21 February 10    #

I feel the same way. Think of it as a “business phone” that you need for yo job, and your analog self is still intact!

andrea    21 February 10    #

Consider phones with Android on them. They’re just as good, and can be cheaper/on a better phone network. I have a Motorola Droid, but I was also considering some of the cheaper ones (eg: Droid Eris)

Natalie    21 February 10    #

hmmm. i think you guys have sold me! ha.

SwanDiamondRose    23 February 10    #


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