ok so my furniture hasn’t arrived. but i traveled with my sewing machine of course. a suitcase full of cables, powerbars, 2 hard drives, laptop, speakers, awesome cds by Jim, tripod, scanner, cameras. 3 bags of sock garter elastic [i’m here for you people]. wow. and 1 change of clothes.

so the SWANclothing sewing hint #1 for sewing in the big city, with no furniture, is- don’t wear tight jeans while using your sewing machine sitting on the floor. yup. challenging.


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toronto loves you!

tara-lynn    21 January 10    #

aw :) you are sweet tara-lynn!

SwanDiamondRose    21 January 10    #

interesting picture and story. i really like how spontaneous it is!!

vinda    24 January 10    #

thanks vinda! i have a table now, and a chair! life is getting better :)

SwanDiamondRose    24 January 10    #


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