Is it a bad sign when you want to write about a movie twice in your blog? Is it boring repetition? Or just serious reverence? Dunno. But I’m watching all the Sopranos episodes again, just made that dress for my sister’s trip to Venice, and also just got a beautiful Italian postcard from my online friend east of, who is just very very ultra.

So Italy is on my mind in a few ways. And I keep thinking back to Pietro Germi’s film because I think some of my online friends would love it visually plus it is funny, has great music, and is just interesting historically but heck you can ignore that part if you like.

And now forget the past. I want to see this…

“Gaspar Noé’s film Enter the Void, presented at the 2009 Cannes film festival.” Video excerpt shot by Olivier Zahm for his purple DIARY.

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oh i love that photo with the postcard!!

elenalu    26 May 09    #

so glad you got the card! the photo you took of it is just beautiful :-)

eden    26 May 09    #

I was out for a run at the lagoon a week or so ago and the Swans were still sitting on their nests. Maybe the babies have hatched by now? Still probably worth a trip… You and I totally have similar taste in films BTW

Shay Wilson    26 May 09    #

thank you elenalu. and thank you again for the postcard eden, it is really the nicest! and Shay, i really have to visit these swans, and re film, really? that’s cool. we should talk film sometime!

SwanDiamondRose    2 June 09    #


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