“stills” from Pietro Germi’s 1964 film “Seduced & Abandoned” or “Sedotta & Abbandonata”. also the director of “Divorce Italian Style”. both of these are gorgeous, amazing & hilarious movies. [it’s actually a trilogy but i have only seen these 2]. at first i just thought he was spoofing the morals of the times. but there is more to it. and strangely relevant again. forget the Sopranos! watch this.

and this actress is so lovely. Stefania Sandrelli. she is in both of them. they make me want to wear simple black [almost wiggle] dresses and little black flat shoes. they make me want black hair.

oh, and you have to read the subtitles!

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the stills you picked are beautiful and inspiring. what a great idea! thank you for sharing this gem.

lady coveted    7 May 07    #

hey thank you lady coveted :) you really have to see it. it is incredibly funny.

SwanDiamondRose    8 May 07    #


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