Sally Rand the fan dance girl and her swan. More info and image from here. I hope that swan isn’t real but it might be. Ew.

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Leda and the Swan:

rubyfig    20 April 09    #

i’m totally into leda for sure, and totally a connection there. thank you for the link :) it’s such a steamy myth it’s hard to blog! my favourite is the neon sign version in berlin [i think]. it’s beautiful.

SwanDiamondRose    20 April 09    #

oh love this! :) xoxo

cocorosa    20 April 09    #

I know what you mean. I Love how what was (at the time) so steamy, is now a form of kitch…that has happened to art so many times over. I think of that every time I see a poster of a Degas dancer.

rubyfig    21 April 09    #

i love that you love this cocorosa!

and rubyfig, i see what you mean. the ballerina thing has definitely been made kitsch. or even just more softly romantic. if that is possible. i love kitsch, but i also really love like a cold, minimalized kitsch. that’s my thing. thanks for bringing up Leda, i’ll have to blog it one day for sure. Zeus has good taste- clouds, swans. i’d be those for a day if i could.

SwanDiamondRose    21 April 09    #


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