Nicer larger here.

Thank you for the lovely photo Sab. I fiddled with it a little. It’s so late and I am falling asleep, but want to say something witty about anyone who wants to clamber on tabletops and take garter photos shows true grit! All I could add is next time, who knows, maybe in a restaurant? A la Bardot?

As an aside… boxing day sale is a go! As in go here. And it actually lasts a week. With 15% off EVERYTHING and FREE SHIPPING on the SWANclothing sock garters too.

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These are awesome

Nubiasnonsense    26 December 09    #

oof! that photo is HOT!

liz    28 December 09    #

thanks Nubiasnonsense!

and liz- oof indeed! Sabrina is a rather fabulous environmental transport expert and all ‘round snazzy dresser. {i hope i got that title right sab!}

SwanDiamondRose    29 December 09    #


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