i don’t have time for a wordy or anything kind of blog today. so i wanted to show you this. it’s via my Flickr friends Vlada or Jennifer who share the BEST youtubes ever [sorry they both post such amazing stuff, i am confused as to who showed it to me]. on youtube this is described as a Russian-French musical. that information sounds a bit odd to me. but definitely a fantastical fairytale movie.

not to be confused with the band Guitar Wolf!

Guitar Wolf music video for the song Sky Star Jet from Wild Zero soundtrack.

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the rocking wolf is just GREAT!

czina    7 February 08    #

isn’t it amazing?

SwanDiamondRose    10 February 08    #

The top video is a romanian/soviet/french collaboration of a Grimm fairy tale. The clip you have has norwegian subtitles, due to the extreme cult status the movie have among norwegian 20-somethings. Especially the people who were little girls when they were first exposed to Titi Suru…

Oda    13 March 08    #

thank you Oda, i really appreciate the information :)

SwanDiamondRose    14 March 08    #


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