My computer Pink was 9 years old. I think one of the first generation of Mac titanium PowerBook G4 laptops. Bought in 2001, when I still lived in NYC. Pink had lost her spacebar a few years ago and I built a new one with a little bubble of plastic and some clear tape. Yup. Then her hard drive blew, and I bought her a new one, flew her across the country to have her software re-installed by my computer-saver-hero friend Henry and flew her back. And she bravely trundled on and on. But this week- fizt! Game over. I was really sad as I wrapped her up in a pair of my pale grey vintage Levis cords, she never needed a special carrying case, she was no princess, and put her in my knapsack for her final trip. Henry cleared out Pink’s memory in her last hour of life, and was obviously extremely horrified by her unkempt appearance! He even took photos. Pink was a proud little warrior, and had the battle scars. So funny to have such a messed up machine help me make such pretty pictures.

So say hello to Petit Four, like the desserts, and like the 4 sides that a computer has, and also like a particular Roman battle formation. She’s my new MacBook Pro. And on we go…

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lol @ the battle picture

pret a porter p    29 March 10    #

i love how the shields look sort of pink!

SwanDiamondRose    29 March 10    #

RIP Pink. What a trouper.

And Petit Four is the perfect name for the new little one!

jennie    30 March 10    #

Nine years! That is a remarkable amount of time for a computer. Your friend Henry is clearly a whiz.

Anabela    30 March 10    #

thanks for the RIP support jennie! and you would be my blog-saver-hero!

and Anabela, yes isn’t that crazy? 9 years. for a gear lover, i am extremely stubborn about upgrading sometimes. it actually makes me mad. i want everything to last forever. Henry has gone above and beyond the call of friendship, i don’t even know why!

SwanDiamondRose    5 April 10    #


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