John Hughes died of a heart attack on August 6, 2009. i’m sure it is all over the blog world but i have to put up my little gravestone for him as writer/director/producer [the credits vary on the following] of The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles and my favourite Pretty In Pink. i love the intro of Pretty In Pink so much. when Molly Ringwald is getting dressed in all her DIY, reworked vintage clothing, all the lace, and florals and so many of the things we have been loving again for a while. and i mention pink so often here, how could i not post this. though i wasn’t actually into these films when they came out, i got into them more recently, they made me feel really sentimental. i was “new wave” for a little while with a lot of pearls and white sneakers and lace. but then get into a harder look i guess, we called it “glam punk”.

[this photo is probably more 90s than 80s.]

not sure if that is an official term but it was all black plastic, black leather, studs, chains, platforms, neon… but with a good dose of rock, cartoon helium, Edie Sedgewick, Betty Boop, and hip hop in there too. can you picture it? i guess we were actually “club kids”, and basically in outer space. you’d have to go into the fashion crimes set of my flickr stream to see what i mean, if you feel so inclined.

so here’s to John Hughes and the 80s he made… with the original version of the Psychedelic Furs’ Pretty In Pink…

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I just showed by best friend (Peas), Sixteen Candles last week. She had never seen it (she’s Swedish). She is now a fan for life. How untimely that Mr. Hughes would pass away. Anywho . . . I regularly quote Sixteen Candles in my daily life. “Oh sexy girlfriend!”

Aja    7 August 09    #

Wow this is a sad moment, Sixteen candles and Weird Science are classics. His films and MTV were what made the 80’s fun for someone like me to growing up in.

runescape gold    7 August 09    #

Club kids in outer space? Oh yes, I can picture it. Deee-liteful!

liz    8 August 09    #

Aja- is that a phrase from the film? that is a great phrase.

runescape gold- he did Werid Science too? wow.

liz- oh noooooooo. it’s true though. actually no dee-lite was the rave phase in the next decade almost. this was the first or the beginning of the club kid incarnation. yup.

SwanDiamondRose    17 August 09    #


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