just a few photos of things going on around here…

fall stretch lace that i love love love and have 3 different versions of and are part of a new series of SWANclothing thigh-high garters called “Stems”. get it? flowers…. and the loveliest slang word for legs evah. {see Alicia at 1:27}. there’s a 4th Stem style that i am particularly determined to make happen, built very differently and echoing Edwardian embroidery styles and other oddness that i will leave a secret.

an army in waiting… mostly vintage shoes i’ve been sourcing up. the best and newest to me, i admit are hidden so as to be unveiled more dramatically. ALSO, i’m going to start letting go of some of the vintage shoes i use in shoots. yes! stay tuned.

a favourite dorky vintage rose shirt and vintage and very fitted denim shirt i have loved forever.

a cool antique chair. actually a collapsible rocking chair. on it, a beautiful deep green satin braided vintage belt i bought at Becky Plants Trees. so gorgeous, can’t wait to wear it or shoot it or something. and the most amazing 70s gold Lurex {snigger} shirt. i mean it’s covered in little afro’d, big eyelashed, big eyed girls. it’s, it’s just so VERY. and it fits me :) from Lenny & Me vintage.

tiny stars for fall. so nice. made from shells. though i really wanted to say- made! from! shells! these aren’t for garters. nope, they’re for something totally different.

more! lace! and elastic. and elastic lace. you get the picture. i’ve been collecting hardware and notions from all over the planet for this fall. it’s been crazy and nerve wracking actually. matching hardware size to elastic size, and matching hardware colours {!!!} is neurotic. ALSO, get this! i finally realized that most of the garter clips i use are actually VINTAGE deadstock. no wonder it is so hard to find them. sometimes i think being a ruthless sport shopper is a big part of this game, and it is. i am a ruthless sleuthing shopper.

a mint Floral Lasso tote order that went out, which i can happily say was happily received. and a tiny detachable pocket for a Rose Quilted Mini Louche tote that went out too. i STILL love making those Louches. a pleasure to make and gorgeous to look at upon completion, if i may be so bold.

a swan gift from Becky Plants Trees. thank you! i LOVE it.

ALSO- i’m moving my blog over to SWANclothing.com very soon. will let you know when of course, over and over and over again most likely. i love change. i feel almost like i have been in beta mode so far, and now i really begin.

thanks for dropping by!

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love ‘in the pipeline’ shots. . the lace looks exquisite :)

devilishlypleasurable    11 September 10    #

The star buttons are adorable.

WendyB    11 September 10    #

I am in love with your Victorian (or is it Edwardian ?) radiator and wallpaper !!!
Also, I have the same buttons and never dare to use them, I keeeep them ! Ha !
And I love the golden blouse, very “Biba” !
x x x

mathyld â–˛under the pyramidsâ–˛    17 September 10    #

thank you devilishlypleasurable! i really like your blog. and thank you miss WendyB, nice to see you! and miss mathyld! do you have them? they are really the best ever i think. the blouse is so funny in real life, sort of elegant and sort of nerdy too.

SwanDiamondRose    17 September 10    #

oh and yes the radiators! aren’t hey lovely? sort of burnished gold and so ornate. AND they work, though they aren’t on yet. the wallpaper must be a bit new i think? not sure, but it does fit. i’m so glad you noticed :)

SwanDiamondRose    17 September 10    #

Ack! Your preview posts always make me crave for more. I seriously cannot wait for the new stuff.

Also also also when you left me a couple of comments some time ago I was coincidentally just looking for my Swanclothing garters while I was packing for my long Switzerland trip and I think I lost one of them. So weird, so coincidental, so painful. Still need to go through my luggage properly but I think I need to reorder when I have a proper address here. Haa I’ve been constantly coming up with outfits that need the sock garters since, it’s the saddest thing.

+++ there’s a ridiculous amount of swans here! I share my lunch with them daily.

Eline    24 September 10    #

wow that’s the nicest comment ever. i’m so glad my preview posts work! i’m almost there with the new stuff, almost almost. and then hope to keep new things coming out each week. i’m pretty excited. i am sad to hear about your lost garter though! that’s no good! that’s cool about the swans. we have a lot of them in a park here and i should really do my swan duty and go take some photos. bye for now :)

SwanDiamondRose    25 September 10    #


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