i am obsessed with pale pink shoes. why? i really don’t know. i guess it is the sissy in me. i bought the cutest pair of vintage 80s woven flats in a pale pink on Etsy.

i also bought a pair of white 80s lace up boots on Ebay. but i’ll post those later since they aren’t pink!

and i was admiring these Maison Martin Margiela Cut-Out Suede High-Top Sneakers…

which i cannot afford!

i then looked for signs of pale pink awesomeness in any of the Spring 2009 RTW shows. and nothing? isn’t there some strappy, outrageous, stacked, openworked, overworked, quirky, excessively-girly-with-attitude shoe out there? even for me to just print and put on my wall and dream on? help!

and as a floral chaser i just wanted to add this pic from Sally Jane Vintage.

it’s the top part of a vintage 1930’s bathing suit she has now traded. i just love it.

and finally some pink puffy candyfloss clouds and the biggest pony tails ever from the Mac Hello Kitty Collection… meow. meow. meow. meow.

this is working for me on & off, if it doesn’t play for you here is the link.

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Here’s hoping you’re in the pink very very soon.


Steve    5 March 09    #

I love the Maison Martin Margiela’s! That’s the exact pink I always secretly drool over…lol

Lidia Luna    6 March 09    #

thanks Steven, i am almost there! with much thanks to you :)

and ms Luna :) i love that you love those. i feel so funny sometimes how my taste meanders. i’m always trying to make sense of it. and i love that you focus on black. so when you say you love these too, i feel great!

SwanDiamondRose    6 March 09    #

i have had an obsession with pale pink (and gray) since i was 5 yrs old… these are awesome shoes!

Camille    6 March 09    #

Aww Thanks, they are so freakin cool! You have the best taste!

Lidia Luna    10 March 09    #

thanks Camille :) i got into pale pink leather in early junior high. weird, amazing, true. and thanks so much Lidia :)

SwanDiamondRose    13 March 09    #

me too…i am always looking for pink shoes…try finding them in a 5.5 if think pink is hard to find!
see my keys…i have pink crystal ones! you can have them cut to fit your own door… keystomycastle.com

michele    29 March 09    #


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